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I must admit that the title I usually use when presenting today's topic to an audience is a bit more adult, but it certainly gets the point across (as well a few laughs in the process). There is, however, a reason I go to such extremes to make my point. The concept I am going to discuss today is by far one of the most important aspects of being in business. In order for you, the reader, to understand where I am coming from, allow me to reminisce on my childhood for a moment.

Online Ethics: Best Marketing Practices in the Digital World


When managing an internet marketing campaign, there are quite a few tactics that should be avoided at all costs. Well, maybe that isn't quite the right phrase, since most of these tactics cost money. As a business, you have better things to do than link building, social networking, and managing your digital footprint, right? Wrong! These things are some of the most important aspects of building your brand in the digital world.

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South Tampa Sound is a multimedia production, design, and consulting company located in Tampa, Florida. We specialize in providing innovative solutions for clients in the creative, entertainment, and performance industries, but we often work with individuals and businesses in a variety of other fields.

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