South Tampa Sound

Why Branding is So Important


Color schemes, typesetting, logos, oh my! Branding can be extremely overwhelming for any startup, but it is one of the most important aspects of defining your business. Your brand is what sets you apart from your competitors, and it is what your customers will identify with when they think about your business. If you get it right, your customers will recommend you to their friends and you will get more business in turn.

Your brand doesn't have to be complex at all. Take South Tampa Sound as an example. Our brand identification focuses on just a few elements that we use literally everywhere to help identify our products and services. Using a professionally produces logo is one of the most important aspects of branding. For instance, we produced our logo in vector format, which enables us to generate a wide variety of resolutions for both online and print materials. The font we use is extremely important as well, and if you notice, we use that font throughout the site, particularly on all of the headings. In addition, we employ the color red on a few key elements, such as the audio banner at the top of each page. This allows us to add color to things such as our business cards and other marketing materials that would just look too dull in black and white.

We use key elements of our brand in all aspect of our business. The red audio banner is used for our letterhead. Our logo is used both with and without the South Tampa Sound text on our client proposals, invoices, and many other digital and print materials. In many cases, less is more. Successful branding will allow customers to identify your business even without your company name. A few example include Nike, Pepsi, and Amazon (please note that we are not affiliated with these companies in any way). These companies are what are known as household names, which means they are easily identifiable without the company name being present. In ,many cases, just seeing the color scheme or certain design elements will remind you of a particular company. This is what branding is all about.