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What the Heck is TLDR?



TLDR stands for too long, didn't read. This is a testament to the instant gratification that today's internet consumers require. Typically, the TLDR section will include a brief summary of the entire blog post or news article. This paragraph is a perfect example.

Too much information!

When it comes to your business, the internet is quite possibly the most important marketing tool that you can imploy. Generating meaningful, original content on a frequent basis is important for keeping customers engaged and converting customer who land on your pages to paying clients. However, most consumers today have relatively short attention spans (no offense). Including a summary at the top of long articles is a great way to make sure even the most impatient consumer can get the information they are looking for without touching the scrollbar.

How long should your articles be?

For most articles, a few paragraphs will suffice. Don't stuff your articles with a bunch of needless, irrelevant information just to make it seem longer. This is unnecessary and could actually hurt your search rank if the information is completely irrelevent. If the subject matter requires a lot of details, consider including a few images, call outs, or similar elements to break up the long string of text. For longer articles, including a TLDR summary at the beginning alllows users who are in a hurry to get the information they need and get on with their day.