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Top 5 Online Marketing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them


Online marketing is an ever changing field. There are 1000 ways to accomplish each task, and many of them feel repetitive, monontenous, and even downright boring. Half assed marketing is never a good thing. When it comes to the digital world, developing a well-rouded marketing strategy is the single most important thing you can do for your business. This is one situation where, in many cases, less is more. Don't ever bite off more than you can chew, as it will only hurt you in the long run. Focusing on execution and generating meaningful content is key.

Here is a list of the top 5 mistakes that we encounter on a regular basis and how to avoid them.

Failing to capture regular online reviews

Reviews are the single most important aspect of any online marketing campaign. In today's world, most if not all potential customers will turn to the opinion of others to help them make a decision on which products to buy, which services to use, and even which role models to look up to. Reviews are a lot like credit. Having no reviews is much worse than having a few bad ones. The trick is to capture reviews on a regular basis so that bad reviews are few and far between. Of course, this does dictate that your business presents itself in a friendly and professional manner, but that should go without saying.

Failure to respond to less than favorable reviews

Bad reviews will happen, as there will always be at least one customer who will be disatisfied with your product or service. However, bad reviews aren't necessarily the end of the world. In many cases, simply responding to less than favorable reviews will let customers know that you really care about the product or service you provide. Most customers understand that it is impossibly to make everyone happy, and will be glad to let a few bad reviews slide if you seem genuinely eager to make the correct the situation. Of course, it won't hurt to respond to good reviews as well. Simply thanking each customer for his or her feedback can go a long way in building customer relationships as well as driving new business through the front door.

Failure to update content on a regular basis

The internet holds way more information that a single person can process. Today's consumer has a relatively short attention span. In fact, most users spend only 15 seconds on a website before determining if the content is relevant to their needs. Search engines acknowledge this by adjusting their algorithms to boost the rank of sites that frequently update their content in order to provide the most relevant information to each user. You have probably noticed the excessive amount of "Top 10" blog posts available on the internet these days. In the interest of full transparency, this article is a prime example. Providing regular updates to your website is one of the most important things you can do to boost your search results and drive prospective customers to your site.

Ignoring social media

This is one area that has the ability to spark a few debates. Social media is a must, but we truly believe that less is more in most cases. It is not necessary to create a profile on every social media platform in existance. However, reaching your customer base should be your number one priority. With that in mind, pick the platform that your customers use most often and use that to build connections. Just start small. You can always add additional platforms as your customer base grows. Spreading your content too thin could end up being detrimental to your social media success. Keeping your social media presence limited allows you to generate more useful and informative content that your customers can relate to and will ultimately share.

Thinking you can go it alone

Many small businesses start out with a sole entrepeneur performing each and every task required to keep the business afloat. From accounting, to marketing, to building an online presence, there are many aspects of business management that are extremely important but equally dull and time consuming. Once your business starts gaining ground, don't be afraid to outsource simple or mundane tasks. This allows you to focus solely on your product or service and in turn, better serve your customers. Outsourcing helps to create a more productive, stress-free environment which will in turn enhance your customer experience and make a lasting first impression. Just remember, your customers don't care if you handle your finances in house.