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Know Your Limits: When to Seek Professional Guidance


Sam is a social influencer. She spends her day blogging her thoughts, taking pictures of everything she eats, and documenting her every move on video using her phone. Late nights are filled with fighting with her 10 year old computer on a DSL connection, uploading the hundreds of megs of content she creates each day. She has amassed 999 followers on social media, which is not bad as she has only been at it for a few years. She has landed a few sponsorships and gets some freebies every now and then in exchange for product reviews. She even makes a few dollars from ad revenue every now and again.

But Sam is stuck in a rut. It has been months now, and she just can't seem to get that last follower to break the 1000 mark. What is she doing wrong? In truth, she has no idea. So she starts writing multiple blog entries per day, taking hundreds more pictures and videos, and still, nothing. She is at a total loss, ready to throw in the towel.

In today's world, the above situation is all too common. Sam is essentially a marketing professional. She has created her own digital platform that could be used by a wide variety of business to get their message into the hands of an established, and of course trackable, user base. Why is she unable to take it to the next level? The answer is simple. There is more to her platform than meets the eye. The underlying infrastructure of her brand demands a certain speed and quality that Sam just can't provide. She is not an IT specialist. She has never build her own computer. She uses apps on her phone to overlay text onto her videos and images because she doesn't know any other way to accomplish the task at hand.

In Sam's case, it is time to hire a professional. Now, Sam is already an expert in the marketing field. 999 users is no small feat, but many others who do the same job as Sam have exponentially more followers and regularly make loads of cash using the brand they have built. So Sam decides it is time to hire a media consultant.

The consulting firm starts by setting Sam up with a new computer, loaded with tons of professional design and video editing software. They point her to a laundry list of instructional videos for getting started with her new software. And last but not least, they help Sam ditch her DSL line for a blazing fast gigabit fiber connection. All is right with the world.

You see, in this story, Sam's business hit the ceiling when she encountered problems that she knew nothing about. Sam is good at influencing people, and that's what she should stick to doing. The more she fights with her slow computer and internet connection, the more her productivity dwindles. Her content gradually loses quality, and her demeanor takes a plunge. She no longer enjoys what she does. It feels like work, and that is not the business she set out to create.

Often times, elements of business which the entrepeneur knows little to nothing about can get in the way of producing quality content or products. Todays consumer has a short attention span and does not tolerate low quality goods. Reviews are everything, so word gets out, and as a result, business tanks. Though Sam is a fictional character, her story is derived from our experiences with clients in her field. We have seen this situation happen many times.

The good news is, there are plenty of professionals (read, us) who are in the business of helping people like Sam. When building your brand, don't be afraid to ask for help with the parts of your business that you don't understand. At times, it can be difficuly to admit that certain aspects of running a business are more that you can handle. Hiring a professional to take the load off will enable you to continue what you do best without being hindered by having to learn things that are well beyond the scope of your brand.