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Believing the Data: Allowing Customer Behavior to Drive Your Marketing Efforts


Some of the biggest hurdles we regularly overcome stem from common misconceptions that many clients share. As a small business owner, you feel that you know your market well because you have had years of training and experience in your field. It is often difficult to accept that your professional knowledge doesn't necessarily extend to your customers. If you are a mechanic, for example, most of your clients just want their cars fixed. They don't need to know the inner workinging of an internal combustion engine. In most cases, they aren't even interested in the fact that their engine works on internal combustion. Using terms such as these in the course of your client interactions is, in most cases, a complete waste of time. The client says, "fix my car," and you reply, "no problem," and hand them a bill.

This fact extends to your marketing efforts as well, especially when it comes to search engine optimization. When planning your keywords, try to avoid industry elite terms such as internal combustion engine, as almost no internet consumer will enter these terms into the search bar when looking for a reputable mechanic. Instead, go for keywords such as "auto repair" or "oil change." Focusing on terms that customers actually search for is the most important aspect of starting a digital marketing campaign.

There are many tools available which can help you plan your efforts based on real-world customer behavoir. Here at South Tampa Sound, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive web traffic and digital footprint analysis to aid customers in driving their marketing campaigns. Full disclosure, the tools we use are not proprietary by any means. Most are freely available to anyone who is interested. However, we often find that the sheer amount of data available is overwhelming for our clients. Lack of understanding, or in many cases, lack of time to gain the understanding, does not justify ignorance. If you feel overwhelmed or consumed by your marketing efforts, don't hesitate to hire a professional to analize the data and provide recommendations.

Though you have an incredible amount of professional knowledge about your business, focusing your marketing efforts on keywords that potential customer don't understand or worse, don't ever search for, is never the right way to go. Seeking advice and expertise from a digital marketing professional allows you to focus on your customers instead of worrying about why your business is always listed on page 3 of the search results. Believing the data is the first step to success. Basing your marketing campaign on real world customer behavior will produce better results every time.