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7 Easy Ways to Generate Backlinks


What are backlinks, you might ask? Backlinks are one of the most important factors that search engines use to determine your website's ranking. The term itself is rather self-explanitory, as backlinks simply refer to links found on external web pages which direct the user back to your site.

There are a number of ways to get other websites to add links to your personal or business pages. Here are s 7 easy ways to generate plenty of backlinks to get you on your way to success!

Professional Sites

One of the easiest methods to generate backlinks is by posting your web address on any and all relevant professional websites. Many entrepeneurs maintain membership in a variety of professional organizations over the course of their career. What they don't know is that many of these organizations would love to identify you as a success story. It could be a simple as giving a testimonial or is some cases, as easy as sending an email.

Academic Sites

Many educational institutions have community relations or alumni pages which contains list of partners, success stories, and the like. First and foremost, make sure the institution where you earned your degree has your business listed appropriately if they provide such a service. Many professionals enroll in ongoing education such as traning and development courses in an effort to keep their skills in tact. Make sure to contact any relevant institutions and ask if they provide a listing of successful graduates. Educational sites are highly regarded due to the quality of the information they regularly provide. A few backlinks here will go a long way.

Link Trading

You are not the only person on the internet looking for backlinks. As important as they are, you can be sure that most if not all business in your field are pursuing the same online marketing goals. Why not combine forces and trade links? This works especially well with non-comepetitors that have complementary services when compared to your business. If you are in the fashion business, try approaching local hair dressers, makeup artists, and similar complementary professions and ask if they would like to trade links. In many cases, you will find that they will welcome the extra business you can send their way and would be happy to send some your way in return.


This is hands down one of the easiest ways to generate backlinks to your site. However, it does come with a word of warning, as many forums have strict rules regarding promoting your business or content. Some may event limit the area where promotional context can be posted. The best way to go about backlinking from a forum is to actually engage with form users and provide relevant and insightful responses to forum users. Don't think of this as free marketing, but more of engaging with your target audience. It is important to make this distinction in this case, as there is a very fine line between meaningful content and spam in the case of forums. Just remember to remain tasteful with regards to your link. Simply placing your web address, providing the forum rules allow, in your signature will suffice.


Now, this one does cost money. However, in many cases, local business already engage with their communities on a regular basis, and in many cases provide sponsorships to non-profit organizations, sports teams, communitity programs, and the like. If you are a regular donar to causes like these, you may find that the organization regularly lists sponsors on their web page. If your business name is already listed and it doesn't contain a link back to your site, it couldn't hurt to ask the organization if it would be possible to add the link. In many cases, they will happily oblidge.

Service Directories

There are plenty of business directories that list local services and provide a way for customers to give feedback and recommend the services they find useful to others. This does take a bit more work, and in some cases could come with a one time or subscription based fee in order to list your business. However, these sites are trusted by consumers and should not be overlooked as part of your link building strategy. If budget is an issue, start with free service directories and go from there as your business grows.

Social Media Accounts

This is very similar to building links using forums. However your business will have access to powerful marketing tools that these platforms provide. Filling out a profile and continuously generating content are paramount for achieveing success on social media. For startups and other small businesses, a simple profile on the most popular social media sites is the bare minimum. Your profile should include all relevant information about your business as well as a link back to your site, of course.